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A Sister’s Story

“Tkissinghis goes out to all the shawtys out there that ever got their hearts broken. It sucks but you’ll get through.” Well, Noles94, as much as I used to make fun of you for this line in one of your original raps, now it is true; my heart is broken.

From the very beginning you were for sure a character. Despite my assigned gender, I tried everything in my power to become like you, even if it was wearing boys underwear for the first 8 years of my life ☺ So thanks for that. You assumed the role as big brother with such ease.

IMG_1085I remember being in the back cabin of your tricycle for hours as you would take “baby Kayla” everywhere.

From a very early age I was not afraid to go somewhere new because I knew my big brother would lead the way and always have my back. That is, if you weren’t beating me up of course ☺ I credit my thick skin and hard head to you. You never went easy on me which I am thankful for because it has truly prepared me for the world. You were always stronger and faster and you never let me forget it. I do want to say sorry for the time when I used to sharpen my pinky nails to a point so I had some advantage when we would wrestle ☺

Wow, remember the countless hours spent playing mini hockey and mini soccer in the family room, or down at Pinewood catching crayfish? I have an abundance of fond childhood memories with you. There is no one in the world that I would rather fight with than you. I will miss you telling me how much of a terrible person I am ☺

I can finally say I will miss you farting on my face and you squeezing me as hard as you can when you know I am in a terrible mood. You knew just how to get at me. It will still take me some time to get over you stealing my “Kayla coke bottle” and then putting your dip spit in it ☺ See the thing is, you knew how to fight, hard, but what you did even better was love. You loved so hard Nole.

I will never forget the one time we were on a trip and we stopped and there was a homeless man. You used your money and begged Mom to spend more so you could buy this man groceries. You loved in an incredible way. I am going to let that fierce love live on. I find myself telling so many people how much you loved them and that’s when it really hit me, the abundance and the caliber of your love.

This love was shown to me in some mysterious ways. Remember when you locked me out of the house, but also locked yourself out, but then you got arrested because the neighbors called the police because they thought you were an intruder ☺ I will never forget the look on your face when you saw me in the window of the Smith’s house, while in handcuffs. I am still salty you never accepted my friend request on Facebook. And, hey Blair told me where you were making a pit stop on your birthday where you were going to make me drive. Funny ☺ My leg still hurts from when you threw that razor scooter at me when we were unpacking from the beach. IMG_1231_2

Or that one year there you would not take a good Christmas pic. You were always there to steal my pacifier. Then again you were there to punch the kid that wouldn’t let me swing. You slept with me if I was scared at night. You brought Riley up to me when I was sad. I will miss you coming and snuggling with me, getting food for us, long boarding rides and so much more.

golfBecause as much as I pretended to hate you, you were my favorite person in the world. We just had a special bond. I am so proud of all that you did and the person you grew into. It’s going to be so hard without you. I can’t imagine living life without my big brother by my side. Now I have an angel on my side. I love you so much. Your hugs are something that I will miss the most. Okay, enough from me, go play a round of golf with Granddaddy.

Love forever,